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I recently heard the story that a woman went in to see the thornhill education center, and she said, “the staff was amazing.” She was the one who gave the tour and who walked the students in the halls and in the classrooms. She said that when a new school opened, it was always the same staff that came up with the curriculum, taught the students, and led the classes.

My personal favorite story from the center’s website is the one about a teacher who was having a lot of trouble taking his students, and he decided to have them learn about the world through their own two feet. A woman saw this and said, “Wow, I can teach my students to walk with their two legs” and the teacher thought she was nuts and asked her to leave. The lady never went back.

Another site that’s been updated is the site for teacher salaries at a bunch of different schools. It’s a fascinating look at the world of teaching.

The only thing that strikes me is the fact that in the last two days we have been asked to take a look at a large portion of the schools where the teacher is making their salaries. That’s not a bad thing, but like the others I don’t know what the site is about.

What I do know is that the site has recently been updated, so here’s the first update on what we know. Also, as you can see, the site now has a new address. I have a chance to see it.

The site (which is really a blog) tells us that the school is in the heart of the high desert of southern Utah, and that it is run by a group of educators that are “anonymous” and “unorganized.” I dont know if they are completely anonymous, but I’m not going to sit here and argue with that statement.

The school’s address is the same address we had for Thornhill Elementary School in the original trailer. The new address is a little confusing to me, but the school does have a new location as well. It’s a large property which is surrounded by a couple of towns in the same general directions as Thornhill Elementary School.

The school’s location makes sense. The land is very rural, so it makes sense that the school would be in one particular area. Another reason why the new address is confusing is because I couldnt find Thornhill Elementary School in a map after searching for Thornhill Elementary School. It is in the vicinity of the Thornhill Elementary School, but it is not the school. So either the school is a different address or the new address is a little off.

The website is already well-known to be just as well known as the original website. By adding it to the search engine, you’ll get much more traffic for the page from the actual site. It shows up on the first page, which is a bit different.

The Thornhill School is a good example of this trend. It’s a school in the heart of the Pine Belt in a small town. It’s located in a rural area and is surrounded by the local community. It is not an urban school (the main campus is in a city). It’s a private school that caters to the needs of the surrounding community.


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