After leaving the clinic, Homer and Moe plan to hunt revenge on people who treated Moe badly due to his appearance. That evening, Bart and Stampy plan to run off, but Stampy runs away earlier than the 2 can head off to Africa. The next day, Homer talks to the Van Houtens over the new prices.

After the get together, Bart turns into Nelson’s new finest pal and under Nelson’s protection no one dares to mess with Bart. There’s only disadvantage to his newfound friend/bodyguard ; he can now what is one factor that can determine the pace of a play? not pal around with Milhouse. When Bart turns a quiet funeral right into a chaotic mess, his parents are confronted with a mob of offended Springfieldians who’ve had enough.

When he is unable to stick to his prescribed low-fat food plan, the Simpsons stage an intervention and ship Bart off to “Serenity Ranch – A Forced Starvation Facility,” headed up by former food addict Tab Spangler. While Spangler tries to assist Bart overcome his obsession, Homer and Marge turn their residence right into a hostel for German vacationers in order to pay for the costly Serenity Ranch. After watching a video on menopause, hosted by guest voice Robert Wagner, Selma realizes that she missed her likelihood to have a child and decides to adopt a baby lady from China.

Meanwhile, Homer teams up with Moe and joins knowledgeable arm-wrestling circuit . An apocalyptic movie adopted by three real-life omens cause a fearful Homer to research the rapture. Believing that he has deduced when the event will occur, he begins warning others as a method to safe his spot in heaven. After a skeptical Kent Brockman reviews on Homer’s prediction of stars falling from the sky, there is a Krusty Special blimp accident, and Homer attracts a slew of new believers. To show to Shelbyville that Springfield is not a hick town, Marge convinces the Springfield townspeople to fund a Frank Gehry- designed live performance hall. Opening night time turns disastrous after the sounds of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony drive the uninterested townspeople away, ultimately leading the corridor to chapter.

Homer quickly meets an old Italian cook at Luigi’s Italian Restaurant whose magical tomato sauce, when stirred in simply the best means, reveals what Homer’s life would have been like had he received the election. However, when Homer will get an opportunity to see what his life may have been, he wonders if destiny was actually been on his facet all alongside. Lisa makes a documentary about her family for a college project.

The purpose she dates him is as a result of he’s an outlaw. No, he didn’t kill him, however poked his physique with a stick. That night time, Bart is in his room when Laura appears next to his window and requests to meet her in his treehouse alone. Bart goes to go to Grampa at the Retirement Castle.

In an effort to deliver again her reminiscence, Homer takes her round city to re-familiarize her along with her surroundings. Marge nonetheless has no recollection of who Homer is and places herself again on the singles market. Not until she realizes that Homer is actually real at heart will she remember who he’s and why she loves him. Blackboard ‘ I won’t leak the plot of the film’. Homer’s inability to embrace Lisa’s Father’s Day book the same means he does Bart’s Father’s Day Toolman causes Lisa to develop Ddd.