Tobirama AU. I actually like this author’s writing of Hashirama, and specifically his relationship with Madara. The tone of their interactions oscillates between funny, tense and unhappy in an entertaining and organic means. My one criticism is that one energy Tobirama gets feels like a little bit of an asspull, but past that the fic flew by. Warning for Butsuma bashing if that’s an issue for anybody. Have you ever wished to read about a pleasant Sasuke, who lives in a half-ruined home overrun by nature, and who spends all his free time working in his homemade forge? Well, too dangerous, as a result of I’m recc’ing this fic anyway.

Saw himself and all his errors in this new team of his. In this world, Kakashi awoke, saw the similarities, and immediately panicked. He abruptly realized what he had carried out, passing a group. Kakashi was left scrambling not to repeat old mistakes and regrets. This team wouldn’t suffer the destiny of his team. In this world, simply put, Kakashi became a instructor.

My one criticism is that the first half of the fic follows canon too closely. Once the fic correctly splits, it’s gold, nevertheless it obtained a bit boring reading in regards to the bell check in excruciating element with only minor changes. Also, the author has averaged ~300K phrases in 4 months. The robust level in Rokudaime is, as always for Eilyfe, the setting.

This is a startlingly creative fic, that opens with a near-unique premise and doesn’t lose momentum from there. The Sakura-Hidan dynamic is also gold. In which Naruto is a sealing prodigy.

I love the building of Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke as ninja in this fic. It takes their powersets in unusual instructions, which is a breath of contemporary air in a considerably overdone style space travel word whizzle search answers. I also actually enjoy the interactions between Team 7. The use of instruments to characterise Sasuke, specifically, caught with me.

Featuring Neji’s emotional points, Shikamaru’s emotional points and Shikaku really wishing his son was just a normal eight-year-old. My one grievance with the fic is how simply different characters accept that eight-year-old Shikamaru is aware of extremely classified things and accept him into their scheming. I love Shikamaru and Neji’s relationship, it’s really well-written. Sage Thrasher is amongst the few authors to have multiple fics on this record, and for good reason. Sanitize is Sage Thrasher’s best-known fic, and is extraordinarily uncommon in one regard – there is a very robust implication that the protagonist has by no means watched, learn or heard of Naruto.

Hidden Leaf, wrangling between Hiruzen and Danzo and so forth. Most genfics and SI-OC fics begin someplace near episode 1 of the unique, that means that they need to rehash the Wave and Chunin Exams arcs. Reading the identical arcs, with slight variations, time and again will get very boring in a quick time. I prefer anglicised language , however using the Japanese versions isn’t a dealbreaker offered that the writer is consistent. I favor suffixes to be absent or anglicised where acceptable (Naruto and Princess Tsunade rather than Naruto-kun and Tsunade-hime), but I won’t penalise a fic if they’re current.