An on-line survey was completed by 1,403 young adults (68% women) through the first month of lockdown. The COVID-19 outbreak and the measures taken to curb it have modified people’s lives and affected their psychological well-being. Many research have proven that hardiness has lowered the adverse results of stressors, but this has not been researched within the Russian COVID-19 scenario yet.

Ecological psychology is formed and developed at the junction of ecology, totally different instructions of psychology, psychotherapy, pedagogy, philosophy and other disciplines. The article is devoted to review these areas of psychological research, which contemplate the human psyche in the logic of interaction with the setting. As a end result, we hope to reply the basic query of whether or not ecological psychology could also be thought to be an unbiased space of psychological research, which has its object and strategies that distinguish it from other areas of psychological principle and follow. Displacement reaction is a common behavioral response for tense state of affairs. Displacement habits turns into extra probable underneath uncontrollable stress.

In explicit, we analyzed the dichotomy of aware vs. unconscious processing within the acquisition and use of polysemy. For the identification of cognitive patterns of polysemy growth in ontogenesis, we used probabilistic conceptual modeling. This research presents data from a magnetic-resonance morphometric evaluation of the primary areas of the cingulate cortex and their role in memory processes in a gaggle of wholesome, females of older age. The outcomes show a statistically reliable two methods of estimating uncollectible receivables are ________. correlation between total performance and the sort of errors in different neuropsychological memory exams and the relative measurement of those areas. The found pattern of correlations could be explained by hypothesizing the reciprocal functional affect of the 2 main areas of the cingulate cortex – its anterior and posterior dorsal components – on performance in neuropsychological memory checks.

Moreover, a selection of mounted behavioral patterns observed in situations of changes are examined specifically. The article deals with a research of each short-term and long-term affect of massmedia upon an idea of hazard . Subjective concepts of danger have been revealed by the use of the authors “Assessment of Dangerous Situations” Questionnaire and a new classification of such concepts was developed. Demonstrated are differences in CD of men and women, in addition to particular traits of CD transformations induced by information packages. The authors give advice on how to compile TV information packages in view of psychological mechanisms of perception.

Based on the evaluation of video recordings of child-parent interactions, we identified two youngsters whose mother and father registered opposite patterns of responsiveness. Parent responsiveness was measured based mostly on Parent Respon- siveness Markers Protocol methodology. The Bayley-III was used to evaluate the children’s cognitive and socioemotional development. The research aimed to discover the overall criteria of agency — capability to make use of psychological assets to solve issues and obtain goals — whereas overcoming normative educational crises . Adolescents from the control and delinquent conduct teams additionally crammed out the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. Additionally 280 pupils in the 10th- 11th grades and ninety nine adolescents with delinquent behavior within the tenth grade and up filled out the Hardiness Test, Life Orientation Test, and Self-Efficacy Scale.

Among themselves, additionally they hold corroborrees— secret ritual festivals and symbolic dances — that assist unify them and give them, as the lads’s rituals give them, alternatives for drama, recreation, and emotional security. Like the lads, the women practice sorcery against undependable companions. Interpersonal relations are shaped by advanced, subtle connections, pacts, alliances, and kinships among the many separate, autonomous teams.