The blue diamond wedding ring is a perfect example of how I’m not as picky as some. The stone I chose is the one with the most beautiful sparkle. I love the color and the ring has a diamond solitaire that is only a little larger than a large diamond.

The blue diamond solitaire is actually quite common for engagement rings, but mine is a little different because I just like buying my ring off eBay. I only buy my rings off eBay because I buy all of my jewellery off of Ebay. But, the diamond solitaire is not just something you buy off eBay. It actually comes from a real diamond that has been cut into a solitaire.

So back to the story of Colt’s memories. He wakes up on a beach and is immediately hit with the memory of his sister. She’s the one who left him messages in the sky about what to do and he tries to figure out what she wants him to do. He tries to remember and realizes that he doesn’t have an answer. He then realizes that she’s not there at all. So why is she calling him? Well, she’s probably wondering why she’s calling him.

The most obvious explanation is that she’s lost contact with him and that’s why he’s trying to find her. But there’s more to it than that, and we’ve heard from dozens of eyewitnesses that the memory of Colt Vahn is clearly there. I’m sure that some people will say that Colt wasn’t there at all, some people will say that Colt only woke up because someone threw him out of a window. Maybe Colt was there, but he didn’t remember what happened.

Colt Vahn remembers nothing about what happened after he went out of sight. We can assume that he did not return to the party island where he was found, but that he did remember doing some of the stuff that he ended up doing. Which means that someone else either killed him or left him dead at the island.

It’s also possible that Colt never left the party island at all. Maybe he was a party guest or someone brought him back to Blackreef. Or maybe he was kidnapped, then taken back to Blackreef by someone who either does not remember what happened or is just looking for one of the Visionaries or at least the guy that ended up shooting Colt.

There are so many ways that we can end up dead during a time loop. We can get kidnapped and be either taken somewhere else by someone who knows what happened to us or just gone. Or we can get murdered, but then we’ve been taken somewhere else by someone who doesn’t remember. We can get kidnapped, but then we end up back at the party island. Or we can get killed, but then we end up back in the same place.

As it turns out, Colt Vahn has a unique way of keeping a time loop going that has never been seen before. He has a special ring which is called a “blue diamond wedding ring.” This is a ring that never wears and can be worn only by someone who has passed away. Colt wears it when he is on the island and it keeps him alive, but if he dies he needs to wear it again. When Colt enters a new time, it starts to repeat itself.

This is the thing I find fascinating about Colt. He is the world’s only time traveler, a guy who can travel through time the way he does. But he has no memory of the time in which he was in. The only way that he can learn of that time is by returning to it.

The only way to do that is by returning to the exact moment in which he left it. This is why he wears the ring, to remind him of the exact moment when he left. But that means he has to come back to the exact moment when he left, because he is not back then. He can’t learn of this time from the time he is in now, because that is not the moment that it happened.


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