Fortunately I have sufficient dead house above the fridge to install it. For roughly the same footprint, I will get practically 2x the inside space and much decrease vitality draw. I don’t love driving with the propane on, but I’ve done it reluctantly for the final 4 years. Now, I’m hoping to run indefinitely on solar+battery.

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Our absorption fridge consumed four gallons of propane in 5 days of driving. Absorption refrigeration is designed for use with propane off-grid, typically in RVs. They typically have a 120VAC electrical heating element for use when shore energy is available and typically a 12VDC element whereas driving. Propane is cheap, straightforward and obtainable for most individuals.

Cooled battery compartment useful for LiFePO4 in 100F+/38C+ humid conditions? Also peltier and fridge experimental data. I have not yet found a 12v compressor mini-fridge in the measurement I need for my outdoor kitchen. It is the same width and depth as my present fridge, but six inches taller.

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