In a world where social media means the world is constantly connected and connected to everyone, it can be hard to know who to trust. I guess that is why I have this question. Sometimes I feel so far away and disconnected from the people around me that I don’t think I’ve met.

Hallie Jackson, the former wife of actor Liam James, is one such person. The only thing that might be holding her back from her wedding is the fact that she hasn’t had a wedding ring since she divorced her husband. Hallie may not have known who to trust, but she knew she needed to get married, or at least have some kind of formal declaration of that fact. The only problem is that according to her former partner of six years, Liam, she is now divorced.

This is actually one of my favorite parts of the trailer, because it hints at, but never actually shows, that Hallie is still in love with Liam.

It’s also important to note that Hallie has been divorced for nearly two years, so she was pretty sure that she had a way to get her wedding ring back. In the trailer, she even shows up at Liam’s house and pretends she’s there so that he’ll give her the ring. She does this repeatedly, and the trailer ends with Liam giving her the ring.

There’s a lot of fan speculation about whether she still loves Liam, which I think makes the trailer even more compelling. The fact of the matter is that we never see her wearing her ring, which seems odd. I think it’s because the trailer implies that she’s no longer with Liam, which is fine for the sake of the trailer. But the trailer doesn’t actually tell us that, so I want to see her again. And if she doesn’t exist, then I’ll be sad.

Ok. So we have to make the assumption that she doesn’t exist. That means that the trailer’s ending means that she does exist. That doesnt make any sense. Then why is the trailer telling us that she does? Because it makes no sense. If she doesnt exist, then its just like the ending of the first trailer, where she isnt wearing her ring, but the trailer still says that she is. No logical reason for that.

Because it doesnt make any sense. This is the same argument that we made to ourselves about the first trailer. If she doesnt exist, then the trailers ending means that she does. That doesnt make any sense.

What we mean when we say that the trailers ending isnt real is that it doesnt make sense that the trailer for the game, Deathloop, is about to end. It doesnt make sense that a trailer would be directed at you, the player, and say that there is a game ending, but then not be about to end. It doesnt make sense that a trailer wouldn’t be about to end, but then have a time loop of the ending.

What we mean when we say that the trailers ending isnt real is that it doesnt make sense that they are being directed at you. You can see it right there in the trailer, but this isnt real.

As a gamer myself, I do appreciate a trailer that says it is a game, that explains the game in some way, and then lets you know that it is not real. It let’s you know that this game is going to be made, and that there are a lot of people working on it. If it were directed at you, it would not be a game, it would have no other purpose than to make you think about it.


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