wedding in spanish

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I am married to this beautiful man and his wife. We have a beautiful home and a fun routine. We are not a traditional wedding but we make it work. We choose to go to an elegant Spanish restaurant for our first dinner. We talk to our friends about how beautiful our home is before we start eating. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Spain is one of our favorite countries to visit, not just for the amazing architecture and great food, but also because it’s beautiful. I love how our wedding was so simple and classy, it was the perfect fusion of elegance and tradition.

We found that a lot of our friends are Spanish, and finding an in-home wedding could be an adventure.

Since this was our first trip back to Spain I decided to call our friend Cristina from the Philippines, who was married in Spain, a friend. We were a bit hesitant about including her with her friend because we didn’t know each other that well, but she was actually super nice and seemed to enjoy meeting us.

A wedding is a pretty big deal in Spain, and its a different kind of celebration. We decided to keep it simple and classy by doing a pre-wedding get together for our bride and groom. We werent expecting an all-out party, but we thought the atmosphere would be a little casual. We wanted to keep it as casual as possible.

We had a big wedding planned last month, but we were a little bit confused with the date. We were supposed to get married on November 24th, but we decided to push it a bit because we wanted to have a few days to celebrate the fact that we were getting married in a foreign country. We werent expecting a big party, but we figured just a small get together would be fine.

We wanted to set a date in a few days so we knew exactly what the wedding was going to be about. We knew it was going to be very casual, but not so casual that we would feel uncomfortable. We wanted to give people a chance to have a party in their own country, so we decided to give our wedding as a wedding.

We love parties and weddings and have been married for 4 years now. We always have a good time going to a party. We do the usual things like make out and dance to whatever song comes on the radio, but this time we did something different. We wanted to have a little party in our own country. We liked it because it meant that we were the only ones there. We felt that we gave people a chance to get to know each other.

We don’t have a wedding planner, so we got creative, because everything is different in spanish, so we had a lot of ideas.

We did a traditional big day with lots of cakes, balloons, and a big family photo session. We had a huge reception and had a buffet, so we wanted to have a great time for the guests.

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