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The United States education system is a model for the world. Venezuela has failed to maintain the same standards, and this has gone largely unnoticed.

Why is Venezuela’s education system failing? For starters, Venezuela has a lot of its schools built on the old “local initiative” model. They don’t build strong math and science education because they don’t have the money. And they don’t build strong English education because they don’t need it to stay in business. They’ll take English classes so they can get a certain number of votes to stay in business.

So you may be wondering why Venezuela is failing. The answer is simple. The government doesn’t have the money to maintain the existing high standards, and the old initiative model has failed. That’s an easy thing to look at and say, “That’s not Venezuela’s fault. It’s just the old methods.” But, it’s not. It’s the fault of the government that they’re failing.

The Venezuelan government has not been good at keeping the education system up to par. For years they’ve had the highest illiteracy rate in the world, and yet the government spends a lot of money maintaining the public education system. In the past I’ve written about the lack of quality education in Venezuela, but now I’m going to look at the actual school system and how that’s failing.

As you may have noticed, Venezuela is one of the best countries in the world for education. Venezuela ranks #5 on the international rankings in math, #6 for science, and #9 in reading. The education system there is considered to be one of the best in the world, and it seems to be improving every year.

What makes Venezuelan education so good is the fact that its publicly funded. The government gives millions of dollars per year to each school to operate and build it’s own infrastructure. They also fund the teachers, so the teachers have a lot of free time to do other things. But they also make sure that the schools are always kept in good repair, so that the teachers are not constantly overworked.

I think this is a great example of how public money can go a long way, and be well spent. The teachers are in good shape, and I don’t think that it’s fair to say that the schools are always kept in great repair because there are always things that need fixing. Instead, it’s a great example that you can and should help build in public money.

A lot of those people are in the same position as most of the other people who are in the same state, and so the best thing to do is to avoid the most obvious mistakes. And when you notice that people who are in the same position of having the most mistakes are not actually doing any good, you can do a little bit more to correct them.

The reason many parents think that “parents should have their kids” is because they don’t think children are good. It’s very easy to see that a real father or mother has no role in your life, and so being able to pick up the phone every time you need to remind your son that your son is doing something is going to be better than being unable to do it.

The problem with this is that we have a very long way to go before we have a system where the parents are responsible for the child, and they have no role in the child’s life. Parents are also often responsible for not providing sufficient love, attention, and care. The problem is that when we have a system like this, we have a lot of people who are only in the home due to their children.


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