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I am a board member of the county school board and am glad to see we have a system for the board to review their funding decisions. I believe the funding system should be based on the needs and desires of the county. The funding system should be transparent, fair, and have the best interests of students in mind.

I would support transparency, but I believe the funding system should be transparent for the students and board members, not the public. This is because the public can’t judge the board’s funding decisions, which are made behind closed doors.

The board of education of the county you speak about is all volunteer. The county itself does not need to fund all of the schools you speak of.

The county board of education should be transparent about the funding it gets from the state. It is also the board that decides where schools must be built, what classes to offer, and what students will be forced to take. It is a non-profit organization that should be completely open and transparent about its funding decisions.

The county itself receives millions of dollars in federal and state grants. The county board of education receives a similar amount in funds from private donors. In addition to the state funds the county board also receives, the county has no choice but to accept a tax levy from the county government. The county government’s taxes go toward the salaries of teachers, security guards, and other non-salary employees.

On the bright side, county-funded schools are one of only two types of government funded schools in the country. The other one is the University of California system, which receives a variety of government grants. But it is the taxpayer’s money, not the state’s, that goes into the schools.

It’s not as if the state government is giving the county money, because in the absence of a county, county-funded schools are the state’s only source of funding for many of its citizens. You would think that the county government would be less able to hold the county governments in check than it would be, but that’s just the way it’s going.

So to determine if the county government is going to give you the money, it needs to first determine what the state money is, and then determine the state funding so that the county does not get another state funding.

This is one of those situations where one can see the difference between the state budget and the county budget. The state budget is the one that decides how many students in government schools get to go to college, how much money the county is allowed to spend on public schools, and how much money the county is allowed to allocate to the school system. Of course, that money is usually cut back during budget season.

On the other hand, the county budget is the one that decides how much money our schools get and what is paid for by the public school system. The county budget is also the one that decides how much money the schools get to spend on things like capital improvement projects and special education students.


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