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The fact that you’re reading this is an indication that you’re an educated individual who is capable of reading and understanding the following information. However, you are probably still wondering what the heck I’m talking about, so I’ve put together the following list of Houston County Board of Education jobs available this summer. Read a bit about the jobs, and you can then decide whether or not you need to apply.

The job listings are listed here. They will also be available online.

As it turns out, they were already recruiting for them, so your chances of getting a job at this school are slim. It’s worth noting, though, that if you are an outstanding student, you probably won’t need to apply for any of these jobs.

The list of vacant positions is full of some good jobs, and some mediocre.

The good jobs to check out include positions at the school you’re interested in (or that you’d like to take a look at), which are listed here. Then there are the positions that are always open (or that you can apply for), which are listed here.

Also, if you’re looking for another job that you could use as an excuse to drink a bit more, check out the “Job Match” link right to the bottom of this page.

So this is a list of good and bad jobs. Good jobs are those that you would get if you applied for them. These are jobs that the school will give you if they consider you a good candidate. These are jobs that you are qualified for because youre not a complete idiot and youve given them enough information. Bad jobs are those that you would get if you didnt apply for them. These are jobs that the school wont give you if youre not qualified for them.

There are some jobs that you wouldnt get if you never applied for them. For example, I would not get employment as a teacher because I am totally incompetent. I wouldnt get employment as a fireman because I have no fire skills. And I wouldnt get employment as a teacher because I am already a teacher.

You want to apply for this job? Well they are going to fire you. They are going to give you a job that will suck you dry. There are some jobs that you would not get. In a perfect world, these jobs would be the job of the idiot you were looking for. But they aren’t. That’s how the system is. You are competing to get these jobs. So you are basically competing against someone who knows what they are doing, but is completely incompetent.


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