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The colour palette for the wedding at the end of October 2015 was pretty incredible. There was so much colour going on that this post wasn’t completed. I will be posting what I finished next summer.

Colour is one of those things that is so popular that the end result is almost all that’s left to do is paint some more. Some people are just plain lucky in that their colours have stayed true to their original designs. These days, we are inundated by countless variations on the theme of green.

The problem with the colour green is that it has many contradictory qualities so if you want your green to be one thing, it has to be another. So in the end, its hard to tell what you like about it.

Green is a colour that is both very bright and very dull at the same time. It is the colour that I can never decide on. It’s so bright that when I’m out on a walk, I can’t even see the horizon. It’s so dull that I am unable to tell the difference between a green meadow and a green park. It is one of those colours that is all over the place.

Like many other colours, green is a colour that is very hard to define. Green is perhaps the colour of nature, but green is more than that. It is the colour of wisdom and the colour of love. It is the colour of peace, the colour of hope, and the colour of optimism. It is the colour of beauty and the colour of life.

I love the green colour of the fall wedding. The colours of nature, the colours of wisdom, the colours of love, and the colours of optimism. The colours of life.

In fall, the colours of nature, the colours of wisdom, the colours of love, and the colours of optimism. The colours of life.

As I wrote earlier, fall is one of my favourite holidays. It’s a time of year that makes me feel like we are in a real place, that we are no longer just in a “land of the fallen” but in a place where we have a chance to experience the power of positive thinking and the joy of living again. So this time of year I am going to be asking for a little something extra in my fall wedding colours.

Of course, we know that a fall wedding is not just about the actual wedding. It’s about the colours we choose to wear in order to make this fall a very special one. It’s about creating something that says, “I am thankful that I get to marry you,” or “I am thankful that we are together and we are together because of the beautiful colours of the fall.

The idea of a fall wedding is that it is the perfect opportunity to take one’s wedding vows and celebrate all that is great about the season without the pressure of having to buy or do something about it after the fact. And that is just what we are doing. The bride is wearing a beautiful white gown with the same kind of vibrant colours as the flowers. The groom is wearing a white suit and tie, both of which are bright and cheerful.


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