education service center region 6 is a division of public service agencies in the state of Ohio. The division is responsible for providing educational services to the public and making sure that Ohio has a skilled workforce.

Education service center region 6 has been at the forefront of public education reform in Ohio for the past few years, as the state has been on the forefront of a series of reforms to make sure the public school system is more affordable and more efficient and to keep students closer to their homes.

Region 6 is a strong leader in this. Its curriculum is based on the best available research and it provides teachers with extensive professional development to help them become better teachers. The division also provides a number of training courses to help teachers in Ohio become better teachers.

Region 6 is in a bit of trouble though. The school is struggling because some teachers have been dismissed for making inappropriate comments to students, and a teacher in the classroom of a student who was found to be pregnant with his child has been suspended. The district has decided to close the school in the coming year.

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