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This week on the Dr. Syra Madad Education podcast, I welcome Dr. Syra Madad to talk about her latest book, “Falling in Love with Your Child.” Dr. Madad is a pediatrician and mother of five who was diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder. She has been through two children’s therapists, one child’s school psychologist, and several parenting classes.

“Falling in Love with Your Child” is an amazing book that really gives a detailed peek into what autism is. This book delves into the many ways that children respond to their parents and how they need to be treated in order to get better. Dr. Madad points out that there’s only a limited number of people who have autism.

Dr. Madad has herself been diagnosed with autism and she tells about that in her book. She also talks about how autism is different from Asperger’s Syndrome, and how it affects the way children interact with their parents and the way they feel about themselves.


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