I am a competency based teacher educator who teaches in the 21st century educational environment.

For me, teaching is like going down a rabbit hole. It’s something I do for a living, and it’s a completely different world than my classroom. I’m pretty sure that I could sit in the same classroom as a person who doesn’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about.

That’s why I am excited about the new CompEd initiative. The initiative is based on the latest research that shows that competency-based teaching is the best way to teach kids. As a result of this, the initiative was designed to encourage teachers to teach by what they know and how they think. Now, I dont want to say that Competency based education is a bad thing, but it’s not necessarily the best solution either.

Competency based education is certainly a good idea, but the problem is that it is a solution that is too narrow of a solution. It can be too limiting in its approach. If we want to expand our curriculum to include more knowledge than we currently have in our curriculum, we can do that, but we may not have teachers that can teach from their own experience. Our goal should be to empower teachers to teach from their own experiences and to have their own experiences as much as possible.

I think we do have teachers that can teach from their own experience. The problem is that in most classrooms, we don’t have the teachers that can teach from their own experience, so we end up having to rely on what we have and what we know.

I think this is a problem because it’s very easy to get caught up in what we know and what we think we know. We go for the “how to” answers in our schools because we have the power but we are missing the teacher who can bring a different perspective to a discussion.

Competency-based education is what we have in the workplace now, and it’s a huge part of why we need to develop more in high school. It’s great that many schools are starting to take this more seriously, but its important to remember that we still need to bring in more teachers who can bring a different perspective in classrooms.

Competency-based education is the kind of teaching that helps students learn to think critically, analyze situations, and solve problems. Its also the kind of teaching that uses a teacher’s own personal experiences and insights to help students learn to be successful. Its the kind of teaching that helps students to see how they will solve problems and become more capable of solving problems in their future careers. Its the kind of teaching that helps students understand that students are not separate from the teacher.

The learning of competency is so dynamic, it can change dramatically in its very first year, and it can change as well in the subsequent years. So, there’s a good chance that this one year’s learning will improve, but that might not be the best way to learn.


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