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Now, I’m not saying that educational institutions are to blame for the commercialization of education, because it’s not their fault. But with the increased emphasis on “educational” education, it’s easy to feel like education itself is to blame. It’s certainly not! Education shouldn’t be an industry, it should be a right. It should be available to all.

The problem is this. To provide education, we need to be willing to pay for it, and the problem is that this is becoming increasingly expensive. Of course, with the rise in tuition, we can see the end of the middle class, but imagine if we had a choice between spending $10,000 a year for a four year degree and $10,000 a year for a two year degree? Well, we would choose the four year degree.

Well, we all know that we’re not the only ones willing to pay to have our children educated. As more and more universities have shut down, there has been a huge push to convince people that it’s all worth it. Universities have been offering degree programs for a long time, but now they’re starting to put the emphasis more on the diploma than the degree.


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