This is a wedding that we’ve been dreaming of for years – a Cinderella wedding. Not a Cinderella-esque wedding, but a Cinderella wedding. The dress. The flowers. The shoes. And the fairy godmother. This wedding is for the bride and groom, and we were able to take our dream from the drawing room and bring it into the real world.

The idea is that we set up a Cinderella-style wedding, but without the fairy godmother. The bride/bridegroom get dressed up and then wait in the ballroom, while the fairy godmother dresses up and then sits down with the bridal couple. But before she does she tells them that they need to wait until the fairy godmother comes back to bring the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Because nothing says “I love you” like a bridal couple being forced into a Cinderella-style wedding. That was pretty badass, but we also liked how it turned Cinderella into a bridal couple. We think it’s a great idea for the bride and groom to get married in a room they don’t want to get married in because they want to be together.

The idea of a secret bridal chamber is sort of a new one for games. For example, Call of Duty, Mass Effect and Dragon Age games all provide a secret chamber that is not the bride and grooms actual room. This is because the bride and groom are already married, therefore they have no need for a secret chamber. It also has a lot of the same ideas as that of a’secret cave’ but is a lot more in depth.

I feel like the whole point in cinderella is that the idea of a secret room is too grand and too powerful. If you get married in a secret room you will spend every minute apart from your spouse. It is the height of hypocrisy and not something you will want to get caught doing. Plus, getting married in a room you dont want to be in is probably not a good idea. It is also a bad idea for the bride.

The problem is if you get married in a secret room, your spouse will be pissed at you for not telling them about your secret room before you got married, and then the bride will be pissed at you for doing it. The solution? Find a secret room somewhere and then come to the altar with your spouse. Your spouse will have no choice but to accept you as you are and enjoy the moment.

Yeah, so, apparently a lot of people don’t want to have a secret room, but I think it is a good idea to plan for weddings and other important events in advance. If you plan for your wedding, you will probably want to make sure the room you pick is not where you’re going home to after the ceremony.

This is all great in theory. So what if you decide to use a room you dont want to be at? There are a lot of people who dont want to be at this wedding, and you can be at the altar with your spouse right where you want to be.

As a wedding planner myself, I can confirm that this is true. I have a couple of rooms in my house that I dont want to be in at the altar, and I definitely dont want to be in an unused room at the reception. So what I recommend is to make a list of all the rooms you dont want to be in, and then get them out in advance.

This is where the bride and groom get a room to themselves. The rooms are very similar, but theres a few things you dont want in the room that could affect how the ceremony goes. They are also very similar to the rooms they are renting in an actual hotel room. The only reason why theres a couple of things you dont want in that room is because you want to be at the reception with your spouse.


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