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I’m going to pretend like I haven’t been on a date in quite some time and not be disappointed. I’ve been married for 23 years and so every year of its existence has been a true milestone.

I guess the point of being married is that you’re still going to see each other on New Year’s Eve. So at least you’ll have that little bit of time to get all caught up on the year gone by, which is always a good thing.

My husband is the one getting married. I know because I look forward to it every year. Not that I dont, which is why im going to pretend that I havent been on a date in quite some time. Not that I dont see him, which is why im going to pretend that I havent been on a date in quite some time.

So you might be wondering how a man who has been married for over 20 years, and has no children, has just discovered that he is going to be getting married, and if that is a good thing. Well, my husband is the one who had the idea, and I have had to convince him that it is. Because marriage is one of those things that you have to be able to accept and understand and love and respect and all that stuff. It’s not just about the sexual parts.

It is about your partner. The way they look, how they treat you, how they treat others, to the way they have treated your mother and your father and my mom. All these things play into your decision making.

I’m so glad we were able to be married. It is one of those things that you have to live with and understand and accept and love and respect. It makes you want to be married for all the reasons that it is supposed to make you want to be married.

On that same note, we also love that the game is all about love, because that’s what life is about. It’s about finding one another and getting closer to each other. It’s about relationships that build character as you go. When my wife and I were dating we had this talk about how we were going to treat each other. We talked about our habits, our routines, our habits, our routines.

I think that that’s what marriage is really about. It’s about making sure you treat each other with the respect that you should be treated with. That’s what marriage is all about.

This year we celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. Its been a year since we got married, and now we’re getting ready to celebrate the one year since we’ve been married. Our anniversary seems to be the one time of the year when we all agree to be together again. And that is awesome.

And we also have a tradition of getting together on the anniversary for the first time. This year we got together with our friends (and my wife’s brother) and we had a little dinner and a movie. We also got to see the new movie from a couple of years back. It was a good time, and we enjoyed it. The movie we saw was called Deathloop. It was really good.


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