12 year wedding anniversary

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A couple years ago my husband and I held a 12 year wedding anniversary. Not just any 12 year anniversary, but a 12 year wedding anniversary! It was a pretty big thing, but one that I’ve been meaning to share for a while.

When we were first married, I remember the first year was the hardest. It was the time before the honeymoon and I was still in college. It was supposed to be an easy year, but we had a lot of stuff to take care of, plus our relationship wasn’t strong enough to last that long. I don’t know about you, but the last year of a relationship feels like it’s a lot of work.

When we look back on the year we spent together, I remember we werent as easy as we are today. There were a lot of changes that led to our separation. We didnt have our own house, and we didnt have a lot of money. But I do remember the things we were doing together, how much fun we spent together, and how much I learned about myself and how to take care of myself (and my husband) as a single parent.

We were at a really high point in our relationship. We were both getting married to the same person, and we were starting a new job and moving to a new city. It was a good time. The question is, “how did we get to this point?” and how did we get to such a high point? We had a lot of time to think about this all.

Well, the answer is that we got married on our 12th wedding anniversary. The first year we were together, we barely talked about what we were going to do with our lives. We had a lot of time to think about this all. We were in love, we were going to have kids, we were getting married, we were moving to a new city, we were in the middle of our first year of a new job.

We just have a lot of time for ourselves.

We had a lot of time for each other’s wedding. We were getting married at the same time as our parents were getting married. We had a lot of time, and we would usually talk about our future plans.

So it’s a little weird that we were still in the middle of a year when this happened, but it happens all the time. Most of us can’t imagine a time without it. Because it’s kind of like not having a year but having all your life and then, like, 30 seconds when you realize you’re 30 seconds.

We always have all our plans for the future, so we don’t have a problem with being one year older than everyone else. But we kind of expect that to happen, and it happens to us all the time. If you were to look at the life you’re living now, you would probably say that you’re doing pretty good because you live in a time-consuming, busy, demanding, and stressful time, but you don’t really realize it.

Ok, so it’s been a year since we last had a wedding. But hey, it was all in the past for a bunch of us. Ive been single since 2005, and I have a 12 year anniversary coming up in a few days. For the past couple of years, Ive been thinking about what I would like to do or be. Last year the dream came to me when I was on a business trip.

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